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National Search Dog Alliance
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National Search Dog Alliance

The NSDA Search and Rescue Dog group was formed in March 2007 with the intention of providing programs designed and developed by the dog handler, for the dog handler. NSDA believes that, only through communication, can programs be designed that meet the needs of the members. Communication allows for quick feedback and the ability to take needed actions.

From the start, this group has been committed to working with the premier dog handlers in the country to draw from their extensive experience. As Policy and Procedures, Standards and Programs have been developed, insight and input has been obtained from these handlers in an effort to provide the best canine product for NSDA members and the canine community as a whole.

NSDA believes that quality standards reflect well on an organization as well as those who are certified by them. Since it is recognized that NIMS will play a major roll in the future of search and rescue, NSDA standards will meet or exceed NIMS as NIMS Guidelines become known.

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  • AKC CAR lifetime enrollments are free for all working K-9s. Please contact Lisa Davis at 919-816-3524 or with further inquiries.