Heather Proper-VanValkenberg

Treasurer - Pennsylvania

I have been a Respiratory Therapist for 17 years and have managed my husband's timber business for 15 years. I hold an Associates degree in Specialized Business with a major in Medical Office Assistance. I also hold a diploma in Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor and recently completed a diploma in Veterinary Assistance. I have been a breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks for 4 years.

I started training my first Search and Rescue K9 in 2011 in the discipline of trailing and in 2013 started training my land/water HRD K9. I hold NASAR SARTECH II and III certifications and well as DCNR Field Team Member and Field Team Leader certifications. I have attended the Cadaver Dog Workshop at the Western Carolina University as well as numerous other Search and Rescue related courses. I strive to participate in courses and seminars that will expand my knowledge and ability to be deployed and ensure that I am acting in the best interest of those in need.

I am a National Search Dog Alliance member and in August, 2014 I certified for NSDA Trailing II. I am currently a Board Member and the Testing Coordinator for NSDA.